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5 Ways to Innovate Out of a Crisis

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We are now in the second half of 2020, which I am sure many would agree is truly a blessing. Across the globe so much has taken place in what feels like a noticeably short space of time. From the Covid-19 outbreak to the international lockdown arrangements, it has truly been a tough yet memorable year.

For many people, brands, and businesses, 2020 has been the year of a global crisis. The way in which we interact, socialise, shop, and go about our general daily activities has been dynamic to say the least. Whilst the outbreak of Covid-19 has been very unfortunate for the world, we cannot deny that it has sparked new thoughts and ideas as to how we should go about our endeavours.

Namely, for businesses and brands, innovation has become the order of the day. The ability to innovate your way out of a crisis seems to be what is carrying businesses through 2020. Fortunately, some of us have been able to spot some of the keys to this innovation and we are going to share these keys with you. Hopefully, you will be able to innovate your way out of the crisis that has been 2020 and into a new positive and productive way of functioning.

5 Key Ways To Help You Innovate Out Of A Crisis

  1. Creativity is a muscle – All muscles require training to become strong. Regardless of how great your genetics may be if you do not train your muscles they will not grow. The same applies to creativity. Creativity is not just a gift you are bestowed with when you are born. It can and should be exercised often for it to be enhanced. There are many ways to go about exercising your creativity, but the most important thing right now is knowing that it can and should be trained often.

  2. Gratitude is a superpower – Nobody likes being miserable. Even if things are going terribly awful. Misery certainly makes it worse. Rather than sulking over the things not going so great, how about displaying gratitude for the things that are. This could become your new morning task. Everyday write down 5 things you are grateful for. I guarantee you will feel better and happier once you have done so.

  3. People buy from their friends so make loads of friends – If you have a business, a skill or anything to offer people for that matter you will probably get more people who sought after your service that know you as opposed to complete strangers. Make more friends. Meet more people, that way you have a higher chance of meeting people who will be interested in what you have to offer. “All lasting business is built on friendship” – Alfred A. Montapert.

  4. Sell to people you have sold to – Every good business has loyal customers. People who continuously use the services that business provides. Those people deserve your attention. As much as you should sought after new customers, you should also give extra attention and gratitude to your existing customers as they are likely to remain your customers. Many online businesses model their strategy to retarget the customers they have sold to previously and this have proven to be very lucrative.

  5. Focus on holes not shovels – Too many times businesses worry about finding the best solution or best alternatives for their customers as opposed to just giving them exactly what they want. When customers ask you for holes, do not try to sell them shovels because that is not what they have asked for. They asked for a hole… so provide a hole. That is how you deliver 100% customer satisfaction. Give your customers what they have asked for not the best alternative or next best solution, not a maroon bowl when they have asked for a red bowl. Not a football when they asked for a jersey. Not a shovel when they asked for a hole!

Do you have any you believe should be up there too? Leave a comment below & let us know!