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How to Restart Your Business with Digital Marketing After Lockdown

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Consumers and businesses finally have something to look forward to. With dates stated in our roadmap out of lockdown, we are all hopeful that on June 21st, everything will be back to normal. If you haven’t already, now is a great opportunity to promote your business’ brand.

The aim would be to maintain customer loyalty and ensure all marketing/advertising campaigns create great traction all in time for Summer 2021.

What can businesses do to prepare?

Digital marketing is the ideal way to achieve this as it is cost-effective, measurable, and allows you to target your ideal customers. As we’re all aware, lockdown meant there was a large surge in ‘being online’. This showed us that social media platforms increased the importance of online marketing.

Social media proved to be the most commonly used and effective form of digital marketing during lockdown, which tells us it should be used to its full efficiency. Digital Commerce 360 states that social media consumption (72%) and posting (43%) have increased during the pandemic. It is a powerful tool to utilise and can be implemented through platforms like TikTok, and the latest Reel Instagram feature.

How digital marketing can help after lockdown

Brands have been presented with an opportunity to engage and build their audience during this time. By separating themselves from the competition, they have been able to maximise their digital marketing potential by creating unique and memorable campaigns.

Making sure to retain the pre-pandemic customers and the mid-pandemic customers, a fresh marketing strategy is essential. Using these lockdown analytics and previous market and sector knowledge, they’ll be able to convert post-pandemic customers too, thus enabling them to hit the ground running.

Digital marketing can aid in redefining business goals. By taking the time to get to know the audience better, you can ask – What makes them tick? Are they making it through the sales funnel effectively?. Analysing all of these elements allows growth across the brand’s board.

In conclusion

Businesses need to make efficient use of their digital marketing, especially now we’re getting back to normality. The remaining time in lockdown should be used for creativity and brand awareness. Come out of it with a more engaged and increased audience.

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