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Our Christmas Charity Work in 2021


A Christmas in True ONQOR Spirit

You often hear the saying “spending time with those you love is what Christmas is all about” and I really believe that is the truth. Growing up, I never really remembered what gifts I got or where I went to celebrate, what I do remember though, is the time and memories I had spent with family and friends.

At ONQOR we truly value our troupe, and we enjoy spending time with each other, so we thought, what would be the best thing to do this year?

We looked at what we believed in and what we would feel good about doing this Christmas as a business. Due to the pandemic last year, we weren’t able to have a Christmas party, so we wanted to really make this one special.

We felt it wasn’t in ONQOR’s nature to host a big expensive party, what we decided to do instead is take the money we would’ve spent and give it to help those who would need it the most.

The Next Step

What did we do from there? Well, we took a look at the numbers. Obviously, as a Marketing Agency, the numbers are our bread and butter. UK businesses alone had spent over £1B on their annual Christmas Parties. Now, we’re not trying to say, hey look at us – we’re doing the right thing to make us look better.

Our ethics and morals comes down to wanting a better tomorrow not for only businesses, but for our communities. It just didn’t feel right to us when we looked at that number and also found that last year alone there were over 200,000 households homeless over the Christmas Period.

Where are we taking it from here? ONQOR has set up a GoFund Me page to allow others to contribute as well, as I mentioned we want better for those around us and our communities, so we are all in this together. If you want to join in on the fundraising, please find the link here:

What is ONQOR doing this year to spend time together, then? We’re not cancelling our Christmas, we all love the Christmas holiday and want to spend time together.

So, instead, our CEO has opened up his home where we will all cook a wholesome Christmas meal together, enjoy a few drinks and participate in a secret Santa. At ONQOR we love a Christmas Party as much as the next company, but this year we are doing things differently. We’re doing it the ONQOR way.