Photography Services

Photography Services
Photography Services
Photography Services
Photography Services

Good product shots and an impressive Instagram are the tip of this enormous iceberg. Visual communication is more important than ever – and as the old adage goes, a picture tells a thousa- no, I can’t do it.

But seriously, photographs are attention grabbing; articles and press releases with images have greater engagement rates, company listings with images receive more enquiries.

Good photography holds attention and emotional appeal, and enables you to share much more than text alone.

Photography is a Visual Narrative

Photography tells a story. In just a single photograph, the essence of your brand can be captured. Your entire mission statement in a single yet powerful shot. Photographs provide a visual narrative, conveying a message much more succinctly than hundreds, or indeed thousands, of words.

Social media connects you with your audience like never before. Creating an identity through visual memories, genuine snapshots of your company and brand, allow your audience to see how you interact with the world around you. Whether sharing company successes, team profiles, products or services, good quality photography helps you engage with your intenders, leads, friends and associates in ways that are interesting and appealing.

With a canon of tricks up their sleeves, professional photographers know how to get the very best from your product line. If you’re in the restaurant biz, your oh-so-juicy burgers will have stomachs roaring like lions as they sizzle and sing. Clothing brands will strut in daydream bedroom catwalks. Your brewery will spark the imagination of dinner party hosts, wedding planners and revellers alike.


Pulling It All Together

Strategy and planning come with generous helpings of creativity and imagination in our initial meeting, where we will coax, cajole and capture the essence of your brand and discuss how it would be best represented aesthetically. Locations will be discussed and secured, along with equipment and personnel as required.

Once these initial steps have been established, we move onto production, where our photographers will capture stunning images on-location or on a set, depending on your requirements - we have a team with all the gear and every idea. Post-shoot, the team will work on retouching all images, editing and perfecting the shots. All the while, we work together with you in creative collaboration to make sure the finished product is exactly what your brand needs.


The context in which a photograph is seen


affects the meaning the viewer draws from it.

- Stephen Shore

The context in which a photograph is seen affects the meaning the viewer draws from it.

- Stephen Shore

The Perils of DIY

For many businesses, the thought of hiring a professional photographer doesn’t rank very highly on the company to-do list. You may argue, since most of us take pictures on our phones, doesn’t that make us all de facto photographers? And phone cameras are so good now… Okay, fair point.

The photos you take will be decent enough, and that is how your brand will be judged by your audience: decent, but not professional. That 3-second window you have to hook a first time visitor to your website has vanished. Off they go to your competitor, the one with the enticing, good quality, professional photographs.

Okay then, so what about stock images, they’re taken by professional photographers. Well, stock images are just about passable in some circumstances, but the key issue is they’re not photos of your business, team, or brand. What a missed opportunity, with all the work to bring potential clients to your website or social channels, only to show them stock imagery.

Our Photography Services

At ONQOR, our photography services are all in-house. Whether you want to arrange a photoshoot using our professional studio, or on location at your place of business, our media team will tailor a service for your individual and unique requirements.

In our initial meeting, we will cover all aspects of pre-production, where we will hone in on your brand to get an understanding of your brand’s key messages, tone of voice and your marketing goals for the project.