Videography Services

Videography Services
Videography Services
Videography Services
Videography Services

Adults in the UK watch an average of five online videos every single day! It suddenly makes sense that Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all prioritising video content. Another one: nearly half of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. That’s a biggie!

With this much at stake, video is something worth getting right.

Seamless Scaling

Specialist freelancers can be enlisted where and when necessary to allow us to scale to productions of all sizes and styles. The process is completed in post-production, where the footage is edited, the colour graded and the sound mixed, alongside adding animation, graphics and more. All the while, we work together with you in creative collaboration to make sure the finished product is exactly what your brand needs.

ONQOR uses cinema-standard equipment to create truly special films. You can watch some of them here.
Check out our YouTube channel for some of our videography work.

Putting Forward Your Brand Message

When it comes to efficient communication, video packs a wallop. The essence of your brand can be captured in just a few short seconds of video, something it would take multiple thousands of words to convey, or a host of static images. A mini-movie that takes us to the heart of what makes a company tick, what their brand stands for, and how they’re making a change.

Videos allow you to quickly capture viewers attention, establish an emotional connection, deliver information concisely, and describe complex subjects in bite-sized snippets, so they’re easy to comprehend. The more concise the content, the easier it is to hold your viewer’s attention - short, punchy, videos entertain your audience and leave them wanting more.


The Video Content Revolution

The impact of video on content marketing over the past 15 years has been enormous.

A personal favourite is Patagonia. The outdoor clothing company has redefined brand storytelling and in doing so ripped up the content marketing handbook. From content on activism, documentaries about the environment, personal stories from outdoor enthusiasts, Patagonia video ambition seems to have no boundaries.

And though their video content rarely vies into anything regarding their product, it doesn’t matter- by the end of the experience, you’re more likely to see the brand as an ally and old friend, that loves the outdoors as much as you do.


Corporate Cringe (And How to Avoid It)

Video production’s ability to retain audience attention is second to none, but only when executed correctly. Whenever there’s a lot to get right, there’s ample wiggle room to get it very wrong, too.

If the very mention of “corporate video” curls your toes, you’ve no doubt had the misfortune to have sat through your fair share of train wrecks in the past. Terrible acting, abysmal dialogue, shoddy production… starting to sound familiar? These videos are often pretty memorable, albeit for entirely the wrong reasons.

The four cornerstones of what constitutes a great video are solid foundations to build on, and no matter how much you iron out the creases in the final execution, without these fundamentals in place your video can very easily slip into cringe territory.

Our Videography Services

We specialise in everything videography. We help brands engage audiences in meaningful and lasting ways, making sure your vision is fulfilled from start to finish. In our initial meeting, we will cover all aspects of pre-production - gaining understanding of your brand’s key messages, tone of voice and your marketing goals for the project.

Our team of creatives will utilise this information to develop your strategy. Locations will be discussed and secured, along with equipment and personnel as required.

Once these initial steps have been established, we move onto the exciting stage of production, where our team will capture stunning, professional, high-quality footage on-location or on a set, depending on your requirements.

There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins.


And the cardinal sin is dullness.

- Frank Capra

There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness.

- Frank Capra

4 Simple Steps

  1. Firstly, have a clear objective. Why are you making the video, and what is your perceived outcome?

  2. Secondly, who is your target audience and does it offer them value?

  3. Thirdly, what is your video’s core message and does it align with your brand identity?

  4. And lastly, execution. It is essential to keep in mind that your video, whether corporate, social or otherwise, is representative of your brand and your identity. It will become part of your brand’s reputation, a reflection of who you are.

A Feast For The Senses

Video is highly effective at conveying the essence of a brand because of the sensory experience that is video production. Along with seeing how a brand conveys itself creatively, we can also experience what they sound like.

Indirectly, because of our associations with visual and audible prompts, we can also imagine what the brand might feel and smell like too. The scent of a perfume can be captured in essence through associated imagery and sounds, so effectively consumers may buy the product having never personally caught a whiff.

A glamorous lady in a flowing silky dress clutching roses dreamily wandering through a summer meadow conjures enough of an authentic aroma.


Does It Blend?

Video production has transformed the online marketplace, acting as a powerful tool to convey information in an easy and accessible way. Where once we used to leaf through print catalogues, straining our eyes to see details in product pictures and poring over stats to try to get an understanding of how the product functions, video shows your product in action.

Released a few years ago, BlendTec’s “Will It Blend” series on YouTube allowed us to marvel at the power of their blenders turning various seemingly impossible items into dust before our eyes.

One video in particular became a viral sensation, clocking over 6 million views in just five days, where a newly-released iPad was completely pulverised - in turn, skyrocketing their blender sales.

With over 19 million views to date, BlendTec still gets plenty of traction from the video even today. Imagine trying to get across the notion of a blender that can blend anything in a way other than video - it would be unbelievable unless the audience could witness it with their own eyes.