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L’ACTIF is an athleisure wear brand conceptualised by a team of creatives who are passionate about fashion, science, and movement. L’ACTIF creates high tech, high performing apparel that empowers the wearer to live their most active life.




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The Challenge

As a relatively new brand, L’ACTIF’s main challenge was brand awareness. The client needed to build a presence on social media, firmly establishing the brand in the athleisure space. After launching in Saudi Arabia, the client was looking to expand L’ACTIF’s audience, penetrating the UK market and engaging with UK consumers.

The Key Deliverables

Social media strategy
Content ideation
Graphic design
Media planning

image of man stretching



Upon meeting with the client we developed a three month marketing strategy, focusing on the initial route to market and beyond. Our media team handled both the e-comm shoot and lifestyle shoot to create a bank of assets for use on the website and social channels.

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Social Media

To tackle brand awareness, our social media strategist created a six-month Instagram strategy. This focused primarily on utilising L’ACTIF’s USP (style that moves) to create engaging, entertaining content that would reach a wider audience and increase engagement. We introduced four content pillars to tell the brand story and develop an engaged social community, building the content plan out around these. This content was designed to either entertain, promote, educate, or inspire and to motivate the audience.

Our design team got to work on creating eye-catching visuals for use on Instagram. From December 2022 to April 2023, we increased reach by 689%, impressions by 362%, and site visits from Instagram by 68%.

To build upon L’ACTIF’s growing social media presence, we introduced Pinterest and an influencer outreach strategy, with the aim of developing an ongoing relationship with selected brand ambassadors. To further educate the audience and improve SEO, we introduced a blog page to the L’ACTIF site, creating weekly blogs around the content pillars.