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Avallen is a floral, fruity, completely natural Calvados, which is, for those who don’t know, a traditional cider brandy. Avallen is doing its part for the planet, with each bottle created removing 2.73kg CO2 from the atmosphere.




ONQOR Production

ONQOR Design


The Challenge

The client’s challenge was to stand out amongst other brands within the busy social media landscape. Avallen was seeking an agency to showcase the unique brand personality, one that not only shared the company’s ethical values but could provide a full media package to include monthly photoshoots, videography and animation.

The Key Deliverables

Lifestyle shoot for social channels
Brand storytelling through the creation of social graphics
Creation of instructional video

The Solution

We infused new life into Avallen’s online presence by creating vibrant content, designed to leave a long lasting impression on new and existing customers. Our media team managed the photography, videography and graphic design. We created a range of memorable assets to convey the brand story in a way that would resonate with Avallen’s audience. Through visual storytelling we were able to engage the Avallen community, developing the relationship between brand and consumer to foster a loyal audience base.



Graphic Design

ONQOR Design blended the photographic content produced by the media team with illustrations and compositions to create fun and engaging social media graphics. We were able to breathe new life into the brand story, educating people, not only on the product but on the brand’s environmental efforts.



We produced a bank of photographic content to be used on the Avallen website and social channels. The aim was to capture Avallen in a lifestyle setting, showcasing happy people embodying the spirit of the brand. We conducted two lifestyle shoots tailored to varying audience demographics. These were designed to engage the audience with high-quality and engaging content.



We were tasked with creating an instructional video that would creatively showcase how to make an Avallen Apple cocktail. Alongside this we captured behind the scenes and lifestyle content which could be used across the Avallen social channels. We could tell you how we did, but we’ll let the video do the talking.