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London Filmed is a digital-first event filming and photography company. Its mission is to simplify the event building process, enabling brands to connect with their audience in the most creative and sustainable way possible.


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ONQOR Marketing


The Challenge

London Filmed’s challenge was to get visibility in the search engine results pages, ranking for relevant and high-value keywords, and deepening the marketing team’s knowledge of SEO best practices. They also required help with setting up a long-term SEO strategy for onsite and offsite optimisations, including content, internal linking, backlink acquisition and technical help.

The Key Deliverables

Initial SEO audit to localise main pain points and fix general technical issues
Keyword research for all web pages
Creation of one year SEO strategy

The Solution

We conducted an initial SEO audit to immediately tackle the basics like broken links, keyword research to determine which keywords were optimised and which London Filmed should be ranking for, as well as headers, text and meta.

London Filmed wanted to deepen the knowledge of SEO within the marketing team to better understand best practices for the future, rank better, and drive relevant traffic. We developed a one year SEO strategy to help them achieve this. Our main goal was for Google to favour the client’s website, while expanding on content and ensuring all the blogs on the site were up to scratch.

Our SEO specialist set out goals for the ongoing strategy across the categories of content, technical, increasing click-through rates, and link building.




Expansion was a key goal within the content category. To achieve this, our SEO specialist carried out competitor analysis and research, mapped out potential topics to expand upon, assigned keywords to clusters and pages, and worked with London Filmed to create new copy.

Blog optimisation formed another of our SEO content goals. This involved optimising pre-existing blogs in terms of meta, keywords, and headers, alongside setting up a proposed blog schedule with valuable content. Through optimisation we increased relevant keyword rankings by 53%.



Our initial focus was on optimising site speed. This meant carrying out a website audit to find opportunities and setting up tasks with time frames. We carried out the same process for mobile first optimisations. Once we’d tackled this, our SEO specialist developed an internal links strategy, along with a ‘how to’ document for London Filmed. We increased organic users by 52% and impressions by 156%.



Increase Click-Through Rates

We had two goals for improving CTR, these were to carry out meta title and description improvements, and to optimise and implement structured data for the home page, service pages and blog articles.


Link Building

There’s a lot that goes into link building. Our action points for this covered research of relevant sites for blog material, outreach to directories, and research of relevant social media opportunities. We also covered the creation of high quality content, including relevant keywords, topics and visibility across social channels. We increased referring domains by 46.6% and the domain rating from 17 to 21.