Diabolical is an agency that has been working with the music industry, labels and artists for over 30 years. The agency promotes some of the world’s biggest artists, running iconic street campaigns in the nineties to the modern interactive experiences of today.




ONQOR Production

The Challenge

As one of the youngest artists ever to win the Brit Award for Rising Star, Griff was awarded YouTube’s title of ‘Artist on the Rise.’ To celebrate, YouTube asked Diabolical to create a campaign promoting Griff’s new single ‘One Night.’ The client needed a talented media team to capture content on the night of the campaign.

The Key Deliverables

Editing and animation




Like the song, the campaign took place over one night. The ONQOR Media team travelled across London to capture Griff’s ‘Artist on the Rise’ title projected onto various iconic London landmarks. Our videographer shot the entire process, from setting up the projector to the countdown with Griff, capturing her reaction to seeing her incredible title projected onto the Tate.

Editing & Animation

The footage was then passed onto our editor to create the campaign video. Our editor colour graded the footage to marry the feel of the music, before adding animation to creatively convey the projection process and count down.

Our Media team worked collaboratively to pull together an imaginative video, which Griff posted to both her Instagram and YouTube, sharing the memorable experience with her followers.