Kabode was founded by parents H and Asma after they struggled to find bedding for their children’s bedrooms. They created a brand offering baby and toddler bedding made from 100% organic certified cotton, helping children to express their character through colourful print design. Kabode is a proud member of 1% For The Planet, meaning 1% of annual sales are donated to environmental nonprofit organisations.




ONQOR Production

The Challenge

The client required an animation explaining the brand’s purpose and the value of using organic cotton. The animation needed to clearly convey Kabode’s message whilst blending cohesively with the brand’s existing visual identity.

The Key Deliverables


The Solution

The animation was targeted at new parents and whilst the aim was to educate viewers on the benefits of organic cotton, this offered a great opportunity to depict designs not dissimilar to those being sold by the brand.




The goal was to make use of minimalist visuals in line with Kabode’s current brand identity. We used soft rounded shapes to convey the warm welcoming feeling of Kabode’s organic cotton, contrasting this against harsher shapes, symbolic of pesticides.

Most of the colour palette was lifted directly from the brand guidelines, however our animator introduced lighter and darker variants to depict more diverse scenes, such as detailing the light blue sky at the cotton fields. The background was constructed from simplified shapes to direct the viewer’s focus to the characters and dynamic elements of each scene. Our animator incorporated the brand identity into the design of each of the characters, replicating the shape of the cloud logo in the characters’ hair, to create a feeling of cohesion.