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Collaborating with Youtubers as a Brand

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As a brand, have you thought of collaborating with YouTubers?

Over the past few years, YouTube has become one of the biggest platforms to consume video online. We’ve seen creators, advertisers and new businesses making the most out of the platform. However, for many brands, the world of YouTube remains unknown.

As it happens, many YouTube creators grow to become brands themselves. As a result of this, a growing number of businesses are keen to work with these YouTube stars.

YouTube has become the preferred platform for social media and influencer-lead initiatives.

Are you still not convinced?

Well, in the words of Jen Quigley Jones from Digital Voices; “Attention, Engagement & Affinity” are three reasons why YouTube is the best platform brands to work with Content Creators on Marketing Campaigns.

Top Tips for Brands

When it comes to working with creatives like YouTubers – there are some tips we are keen to share with you.

The Best Creator For Your Brand Is Not Always The Biggest One

Know the difference between Micro & Macro – a micro influencer tends to have a more loyal & engaged following.

Most content creators’ success is the result of their personality and their relationship with viewers.

Integrate Products & Messages Carefully

Traditionally, branded content relies heavily on making sure the brand comes first. However, when working with a YouTube creator, you are working with a real person who has built an authentic following & has made a strong connection with their fans.

Let’s face it, entertaining content is where it is at! When it comes to watching the content, the audience has control. They will choose if they want to watch it or not, share it or not.

The trick is, as a brand, to find a way for the content created not to be too commercial, yet still ensure the audience understands that you’re involved.

Trust The Creator’s Creativity

They know their audience, more likely better than you do!

Don’t doubt it – the creator knows how to create content. When collaborating with creators, a company’s tone is super important. As a brand, you should be able to see that the influencer has the power & knows how they want express themselves. Respect & trust this!

Entertaining & Educational Content

Both entertaining & educational content work best on YouTube.

If you are struggling as a brand to produce entertaining content, maybe a YouTuber is what you need to boost your marketing to a specific audience on the platform.

Combining both entertainment with education will enable you to promote your brand, build a strong brand presence and awareness. It’s all about brands taking a fresh approach when choosing ambassadors to front their campaigns.

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