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Social Media Marketing Agency

Social Media Marketing Agency
Social Media Marketing Agency
Social Media Marketing Agency
Social Media Marketing Agency

All around us, we see faces lit up by the warm glow of social media feeds. By the time we reach the office, our thumbs have already traversed the globe. The average Brit spends 102 minutes per day on social media, so if your thumbs have become stronger than your legs, you’re not alone.

With more than half the world now using social media (around 4.62 billion people), it has quickly become a powerhouse of a marketing channel. Truth be told however, most companies are approaching social media with much less strategic planning than they do other channels. This makes social media a fairly useless and somewhat dangerous channel, one where mistakes are instantly visible, and where companies often garner attention for the wrong reason. Beware, here be monsters…

Demonstrating Your Brand Personality

Even brands with a strong identity have stubbed their toes on social. Of course there is the occasional accident, but often brands feel the need to emulate those that are having social success. This brings up the big question of social media- what is success? Is it the number of likes your video received or the number of new or repeat purchases?

In measuring the wrong indicators of success, brands are chasing vanity metrics. If your brand personality is a Sage, and your social media is whacky, then you’re delivering a kind of Frankenstein’s monster of communications. The inconsistency will translate into a lack of trust.

Just like Dr. Frankenstein never intended to create a monster, it’s all too easy for brands to develop incongruent traits on the world stage of social media. All with the best intentions, of course. Breathing life into your brand on socials without defining your goals, strategy, brand personality, talking points, or tone of voice, well, you may find your audience running for the hills (or coming at you with pitchforks).

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Strategy and Objectives

Far and away the biggest mistakes brands make are:

  1. Having no social strategy (you’d be surprised how often this happens) or,
  2. Having a social strategy that doesn’t align with or support their wider marketing goals (ditto).

Without a strategy that is supporting defined and relevant objectives, social media can be a big waste of your time. (Sidenote, coming up with new and engaging content when you don’t have a strategy is, well, hard).

ONQOR will work with you to ascertain your goals and develop platform specific strategies. Each channel offers your brand something different, so it is important to use each channel to its strength.

For example, Twitter is a good platform for brand awareness, but not necessarily good for driving conversions, as its algorithm dislikes content that exits people from the platform. If you’re more interested in conversions, then Instagram is a better platform, with focus on guiding customers down the marketing funnel.

Community Management

Social media is also the most interactive of digital channels and if you understand and strategies about how to utilise this, it gives the channel a whole new dynamic.

Some brands have effectively used this interactivity to offer a new level of customer service, delivering a positive customer experience and increasing brand loyalty. Others have capitalised on it through UGC (user-generated content) campaigns, achieving reach and customer recommendations that money can’t buy.

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Our Social Media Marketing Services

From content strategy and ideation to scheduling and reporting, we offer fully managed, tailor-made social media service of which you have total oversight.

Here at ONQOR, we will focus on getting to know your business, your values, culture, and goals. Our team will then develop a social media strategy for you. This will include your aims, target audience, tone of voice, mission statement, campaign ideas and KPIs. Aligning your social media objectives with your marketing goals and ensuring that everything we’re doing is supporting the business to get where it needs to be.

Rather than content for content’s sake, our dedicated social media community experts analyse your audience, pulling together talking points, content themes and platform strategies to ensure all is delivered with a goal in mind.

We will begin with an account audit to cleanse any poor content. If you’re not already set-up on a social platform, we will get you up and running in no time. After the audit or set-up, our specialist team will begin managing your account - all the while keeping you up-to-date on the content and goings-on. We prove a monthly performance report, and are always at the other end of the phone if you need us.

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