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How to Enhance Wellbeing in a Small Business

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Here at ONQOR, we’re constantly striving to promote the wellbeing of our troupe, to such an extent that it forms one of our core values. According to the World Health Organisation, globally, an estimated 12 billion working days are lost every year to depression and anxiety. This comes at a cost of $1 trillion lost per year in productivity, though more troubling than the cost to productivity is the cost to the mental wellbeing of the individual. Here are some of our top tips for enhancing wellbeing in a small business.

Build a health and wellbeing strategy: Building a strategy is key to any aspect of a business, so why should it be different for health and wellbeing? A recent study found that eight out of ten UK SMEs do not have a strategy in place. By creating a strategy, companies can set out measurable objectives alongside realistic action points to foster real change.

Encourage open communication: Creating an environment that encourages open conversation can lead to a reduction in sick days and staff turnover. At ONQOR, we schedule regular catch-ups to take the guesswork out of what our team wants and needs.

Implement a wellness programme: Consider implementing a wellness program or activities to boost mental and physical health. This doesn’t have to be anything drastic. It could be as simple as a weekly ‘walk and talk’ meeting.

Provide mental health resources: Offering resources such as counselling services or employee assistance programs to help team members manage stress can make a real difference, especially if employees may not have access to this kind of support outside of work.

Promote a positive work culture: We’re all about the culture. Creating a sense of community is key for employee satisfaction, which is why we organise regular socials and team outings. We strive to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our troupe, so that every member feels valued.

Support a healthy work-life balance: We all need balance. Encourage employees to take breaks, go for walks, and disconnect from work when they’re not in the office. This means they’ll come back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead.

In implementing these strategies and making them your own, as small businesses, we can strive to foster a positive work environment, which will not only benefit employees but the organisation as a whole.