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UI/UX Design
UI/UX Design

ONQOR is the UI/UX agency interested in future-proofing our clients by using the latest and most modern features in our UI and UX services.

Our UI ranges from elaborate, cutting-edge and futuristic sites, to basic minimalist sites, but with both we always focus on a UX that is easy and enjoyable.

The Artist and the Brush

UI, or ‘User Interface’ describes the layout of a web page from a purely visual aesthetic. UI is how you interact and navigate the web page. Imagine you are an artist and UI is your brush, paint and canvas. These mediums are essential for you to paint a picture, but they say nothing about how it feels to be an artist. That’s where UX comes in.

UX or ‘User Experience’ expresses the enjoyment of being on the web page through its design elements. UX is the internal feeling of interaction, the experience of being the artist holding the brush and moving the paint across the canvas. UI provides the tools to interact; UX quantifies the pleasure, or disdain, or somewhere-in-the-middleness, of being an artist.


Our UI/UX Design Services

We integrate the tangible elements of UI with the conceptual aspects of UX to create the optimum user experience for your brand and users.

Different sites will require a different customer journey. While an ecommerce site will require an easy way for users to return to a search page, an educational site might need an intuitive way for users to save articles to their account page.

After discussions regarding your user flow, a wireframe will be produced outlining our proposed design. Taking the opportunity to touch base and demonstrate the work being done, we go through any questions and feedback that you might have until we have developed the perfect customer journey for your site or app.


We must design for the way people behave,


not for how we would wish them to behave.

- Donald A. Norman

We must design for the way people behave, not for how we would wish them to behave.

- Donald A. Norman

Walking a Mile in Old Trainers

A user’s journey on a website is like buying a new pair of trainers in a store. Let’s place your feet in a pair of your oldest trainers for the purpose of an analogy. You know what you want, new trainers, so you go into a store you know sells trainers.

Walking through the entrance, you look around to try and find the right department, searching for signs or directions, but it’s quite dark inside and the place is like a maze. When you finally find a sales assistant, you can’t hear what they’re saying because the music is too loud. Frustrated, you leave and go straight into the trainer shop next door. The nicely lit one where you can hear the sales assistant directing you to the wonderful wall of shiny new trainers.

The big difference is your website isn’t a physical shop. When a user is on your website, trying to find information that they can’t find easily, it only takes two clicks for them to leave and be in the store of your competitor. 72% of users will leave a site within the first 10 seconds if they are not engaged by the design.

If your customer journey (UI or UX) isn’t conducive to delivering them this information, either through poor user flow, bad use of the navigation bar, misusing the more important parts of the page, then you lose them.


Navigation is the Key

Making sure your website is easy to navigate is key to the user’s experience. This is the cross-section of UI and UX, where design aesthetic intersects with how the website’s functions are experienced by the user. The two are inherently linked, and therefore must work in harmony with one another. For example, layout changes are helpful to improve visibility of products, as long as they positively impact the experience.

Essentially, it’s all about your customer’s experience. If they don’t enjoy being on your site, they are less likely to stick around and to return, and the opposite is true if they do enjoy being on your site. Furthermore, a whopping 75% of people base the credibility of a company on the quality of their website.