At ONQOR Design, our language is visual. We develop images, graphics and designs that are congruent and complementary to your values and messaging, unifying your marketing message across all channels.

Branding Services

We could spend an hour on this one. It boils down to your customer’s gut feeling about your company. There are many, many elements to branding. But if you know what those elements are, and you’re able to design them with some strategic thinking, then you can develop a brand to which customers will assign meaning. Imagine if Prada made a car, or NASA a vacuum cleaner. Designing these elements is our job, and it goes far beyond logo, colour palette, and tone of voice.


Graphic Design Services

We can’t help judging a book by its cover. With so many eye-catching alternatives, the lacklustre gathers dust.
Good graphic design sets the standard for how you will be perceived by your customer - whether it’s an in-store promotion or a whitepaper download. Quality and consistency are key to joining the dots in your customer’s journey.
At ONQOR, we help your brand to continue the conversation across all channels, with design that is sure to get you noticed.


UX/UI Design Services

Although often used interchangeably, there are fundamental differences between UI and UX. UI stands for ‘User Interface’, which describes the layout of a web page. UX or ‘User Experience’ expresses the enjoyment of being on the page through the web page’s design elements. If UI is the paint, the brush and the canvas, then UX is the artist. ONQOR creates the artwork, harmonising your brand identity for the optimum user experience.


Print Design

From the moment we wake up, hundreds of messages vie for our attention. From checking our socials and emails, to catching up on the news, the digital age flashes by our thumbs at lightning speed.

Print has a knack of slowing things down. ONQOR creates show stopping print-ready designs for magazines, building wraps and everything in between.


What we


Fully-Managed Service

ONQOR manages your entire marketing spend and allocates it appropriately to maximise return on investment. The average salary for a head of marketing is £68,000/year. ONQOR eliminates this cost by including the full management of your marketing as part of this agreement for free on managed contracts, freeing up more capital to be spent on actual deliverables that drive your business forward.

Retainer Service

This model works perfectly for businesses that know which services they want and need to fill capability gaps in their in-house team skill set, without the risk and liability of full time staff. We work with clients on an ongoing basis to enhance their business without them needing to take on unnecessary liability.

Ad-Hoc projects

On occasion, ONQOR will work with businesses on one-off projects to help propel their business forwards.
This is perfect for clients who are needing to get something done fast to enable faster expansion. More often than not, clients go on to work with us on a retainer basis after their one-off project completes to see consistent growth over time. However, there is no obligation to long term commitments with this model.