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Email Marketing Services
Email Marketing Services
Email Marketing Services
Email Marketing Services

For too long, marketers have been lazy when it comes to email marketing, and we see bad practices that we just don’t see on other channels.

Unpersonalied ‘blasts’ of email to entire databases should be an archaic ‘early days of the internet’ thing that our mind conjures up when looking at websites from the 90s. But despite all the advancements in tech, personalisation, segmentation, and dynamic content we’re still seeing damn email blasts.

About Email Marketing

Email marketing are very effective, and not to mention free! But mostly marketers assume that because someone has opted in, they’re happy to receive three promotional emails every week!

The truth is that email marketing, just like the internet itself, has grown a lot since those early days. Today, if your business isn’t utilising the many possibilities of email, you’re missing out on an increasingly dynamic and creative way to reach your target audience.

As a top digital marketing agency in the UK, our email marketing services offer a tailored and personal approach to audience engagement. If your website doesn’t have the capability of a user login and customer account, email acts as host to deliver a VIP experience that speaks directly to your customers.


The Host with the Most

The winning quality of any great host is the ability to connect with their audience on a personal level. To create a customised experience for the client with a laserlike focus on detail. Email marketing is the ideal tool to transform your target audience from plain ol’ average punter into the coveted realm of Very Important Person.

Add value to inboxes and provide subscribers with helpful knowledge and tools. Create attractive content and enticing offers to show the myriad benefits of becoming an active customer. Watch your customers sail through the sales funnel as you dazzle them with how well you understand their needs and deliver on their desires.


Maintaining a Strong Relationship

The strength of email marketing lies in maintaining relationships with your customers. Lasting relationships come from understanding when your target audience needs a gentle push towards conversion with a promotional email, or to be wowed with invaluable knowledge and advice with an engagement email.

How you got their email in the first place dictates how to go about it - and shows the scope for best approach and practice.


Four Main Approaches

01 - Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are great at increasing retention, promoting engagement and fostering relationships among subscribers. Creating content that both entertains and informs helps position your business as thought leaders, the go-to source of insight and expertise in your industry. Providing value whilst asking for nothing in return does wonders for subscriber loyalty, and if people like it, they’re going to be inclined to forward and share it with others.

02 - Acquisition Emails

Create attractive offers and informative content targeted at users who have expressed an interest but have yet to be converted. General emails sent out to clients have a nasty habit of going unopened. If you have an open rate of 20%, you’re doing pretty well. A 50% open rate and you’re doing fantastic.

People are much more likely to open an email that is personalised, but these days the scope is much more broad and dynamic than “Dear John”. Move leads through the conversion funnel faster by targeting different variables, from specifics like pages the user has interacted with, downloads and browsing habits, to general variables like location or job title.

03 - Retention Emails

Keeping lines of communication open helps you hold onto your hard-won customers. Many businesses prioritise acquisition over retention, an odd practice considering how much more effort it takes to attract new customers than hold onto existing ones. If a customer has entrusted you with their email address, you have their blessing to market to them.

This provides a gated space that your competitors may not have access to. The core purpose of a retention email is to keep your customer engaged with your brand by providing targeted and timely messages. Retention emails are also a great opportunity to target inactive users with exclusive deals and enticing offers to provoke some forward movement through the sales funnel.

04 - Promotional Emails

Promotional emails are about alluring, persuading and encouraging your target audience to buy new products or services. This style of email works best with warm leads such as past customers and those who interact consistently with your brand and/or emails.

Their purpose is to drive sales, email newsletter sign-ups, and advertise new offerings. A good tactic is to reward engaged customers and subscribers with exclusive offers, and is a great opportunity to cross-sell products/services based on customer behaviours and interests.

Personalisation is key to conversion, where previous habits can be honed in on and targeted specifically. Automated reminders can be set for abandoned carts, items they have expressed interest in, previous purchases, and a wide variety of customer circumstances.