Marketing Services

At ONQOR Marketing, we start with your customer, and the best way to establish a relationship with them. We don’t fit your goals to the services that we offer; the strategies and media that we use depend entirely on where your audience is and what their needs are.

Marketing Strategy

If your marketing goals are beginning to look like snow-capped mountains - reaching ever higher into the clouds - we’re here to help. As strategy sherpas, we will carve out your route to market and plan each step you need to take to get there. From SWOT and competitor analysis, to establishing your target customers and helping with medium and messaging, ONQOR produces a comprehensive take-home document that will provide solid footing as you ascend towards your goals


Social Media Marketing Services

Making an impact on social has become an artform in itself, and is much easier to do for the wrong reasons than for the right ones (oh the examples out there). At ONQOR we focus on building social communities through storytelling and creating engaging content, but we also ensure your social strategy aligns with your wider digital goals. ONQOR’s Production and Design teams are always on hand for when we need photography, video, or graphics.


SEO Services

Search engines are smart, and always adapting to see straight though cheap ranking techniques. These days, they assess site security, user experience, meaningful content and a whole host of factors which change daily (literally!) Different SEO strategies are required for different types of websites. The approach to successfully ranking an ecommerce site will be different from that of a content site, but an understanding of search engines is essential for all. Recently selected as one of the top SEO companies in the UK, ONQOR will ensure that your website has maximum visibility for your market - be it an audience, product or service.


Digital Advertising

Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram have democratised media buying. You no longer need to outspend to outperform, the best return on ad spend (ROAS) is seen by those who have mastered targeting, testing and tracking. This is our bread and butter.

Using a process we developed internally called the O.TRIE method, we maximise your ROAS and minimise risk by testing market reactions before fully launching a campaign.


Email Marketing Services

It’s fast, flexible, scaleable, measurable, and cost-effective. Many companies have been built off the back of this channel alone. And it’s disadvantages, well that’s mostly bad practice. Do email marketing properly and it can be your most powerful tool, but do it poorly and you tarnish your brand image while losing your customer data. Segment your audience, personalise the content, track the right metrics, focus on quality, have a timeline, clean your list regularly. It’s not rocket science, just dedication and a bit of know-how.


What we


Fully-Managed Service

ONQOR manages your entire marketing spend and allocates it appropriately to maximise return on investment. The average salary for a head of marketing is £68,000/year. ONQOR eliminates this cost by including the full management of your marketing as part of this agreement for free on managed contracts, freeing up more capital to be spent on actual deliverables that drive your business forward.

Retainer Service

This model works perfectly for businesses that know which services they want and need to fill capability gaps in their in-house team skill set, without the risk and liability of full time staff. We work with clients on an ongoing basis to enhance their business without them needing to take on unnecessary liability.

Ad-Hoc & One-Off

On occasion, ONQOR will work with businesses on one-off projects to help propel their business forwards.
This is perfect for clients who are needing to get something done fast to enable faster expansion. More often than not, clients go on to work with us on a retainer basis after their one-off project completes to see consistent growth over time. However, there is no obligation to long term commitments with this model.