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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Social Media is such a powerful tool; it can allow you to expand your client base, build a brand community and increase your ROI! However, you can easily undo all of your efforts by making simple common social media mistakes.

1. Not having a social media marketing strategy

Now, when you are starting on social media, you can end up posting anything just for the sake of posting! Which is something you want to avoid, as you can be targeting the wrong audience and all your efforts may not lead you to your desired goal.

An effective marketing strategy should be your plan of action! You should clearly define your goals, so you can continuously check that your efforts are leading you to them! If you don’t set your goals, you could end up being lost, and your content becomes ineffective.

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2. Assuming all social media platforms are the same

One mistake that brands make is that they push out the same content on all platforms!

Now, what you need to remember is that each social media channel is unique in different ways! From varying demographics, different formats of content, multiple forms of marketing tools and different user behaviours.

Do not post the same content over and over! Think about whom the audience is! Will they respond well to a particular piece of content or not? If no, then do not post just for the sake of posting, as this will hinder your brand image.

3. Not analysing your data/results

Data is one of the most valuable tools that you will come by, and it will be a massive mistake if you do not assess your social media data! After each campaign that you run, you SHOULD go back and see how users have responded to each post, to see what went well and then use that information to improve, execute your next campaign and reach your business goals.

4. Not correctly targeting your audience

Social media is a place where you can find and connect with your target audience, or the people that fit your ‘ideal customer’. If you do not understand who your target audience is, then you may struggle as you will be pushing out generic content that people will not find engaging.

5. Not engaging with followers

Increased engagement is a common social media marketing KPI.

However, many brands make the common mistake of not engaging with their audience! Which is not a good look, as it implies to the user that the brand is uninterested and does not care about their customers.

Key tip: Remember that each comment on your social media is an opportunity to increase engagement and create your social media community.

6. Avoiding negative comments and not dealing with complaints

Now, one issue many brands have to deal with is negative comments and complaints! Brands need to remember that this is a part of every business and can not be ignored.

If you have received negative comments, this gives you an opportunity to improve the quality of your service and build trust within your brand community.

If you’re seen to ignore or delete like FYRE Festival did, then your actions will not go unnoticed, and the brand will be deemed as ‘untrustworthy’.

7. Being a robot

Many brands end up posting very robotic posts about all the amazing stuff that they offer, but the mistake they make is not showing the real side of the business!

A key tip is that your social media profile should be a place where you show your human side and connect with like-minded people.

Remember, people invest in people, not robots!

8. Constantly promoting brands

Now, yes, social media is an excellent tool for promoting brands, and that should be utilised! However, do not allow your whole feed to become full of just promotions!

When you continuously promote products/services, you can hinder your reputation, and your followers may lose interest!

A key tip: Follow a pattern of posting one promotional post for every four non-promotional posts (something that brings value to followers).

9. Buying followers

Just don’t.

All social media sites are cracking down on brands and influencers buying followers. So save yourself the money and push out engaging content instead of buying followers because you will wake up one morning, and they’re all gone!

10. Unedited, unproofed content going live

Now, everyone is human and makes mistakes, but when brands push out content with grammatical errors, it can be damaging to their reputation.

A great tool to have in place to avoid mistakes going live is an approval process; this allows your manager or client to check the work before it goes out to ensure that they’re happy with the content before you post.

This covers your back and also gets a set of fresh eyes on the work, which is always important!

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