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Graphic Design Services
Graphic Design Services
Graphic Design Services
Graphic Design Services

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Has that sunk in? From Nike’s swoosh, to Apple’s, well, apple, these devastatingly effective logos immediately evoke brand identity. Fundamentally, graphic design tells a story.

Design Tells a Story

Simple logos can be deceiving. Audi chose their four rings not just because they look spiffy on the nose of a shiny new car, they represent the convergence of the four companies that created Audi. Your logo is the essence of your company, distilled into a graphic representation of what your brand is all about.

The best graphic design is consistent across all channels, easily differentiating you from other companies and your competitors. Colour alone increases brand recognition in audiences by up to 80%. Graphic design is a natural progression from the branding aesthetic, where your colour palette and logo concept will have been discussed, considered and established. Combined with a good marketing strategy, a strong design will help maximise the impact of your communication.


Design is thinking made visual, it's about


concepts, ideas or solutions for problem solving.

- Saul Bass

Design is thinking made visual, it's about concepts, ideas or about the solutions for problem solving

- Saul Bass

An Innovative Graphic Design Agency

With our graphic design services, we help your brand to continue the conversation across all channels, from your company website to social media and email marketing, with design that is sure to get you noticed.

Every visual element will be produced to help have a consistent brand presence. From our first meeting, our Design team will get to know and understand your brand, developing a visual strategy to best communicate your unique mission, values and ethos.

The development process follows closely after, where our creatives begin working on your brand’s graphic assets. Upon completion, you are presented with the final project, where we will go over our ideas and have an open discussion about any elements you want to change. As a top digital marketing company in London, our designers will always look to understand what you want and what you need, it’s our mission to deliver your dream graphics, and we strive for you to be delighted with the results.


Form Follows Function

Graphic design is ever-present in our daily lives. From the moment we wake up, countless visual images vie for our attention. Whether in the morning you reach first for your mobile phone or your Kelloggs Cornflakes, branded visuals are subliminally processed - even if your eyes are still half closed.

But it’s not all about grabbing attention, it’s also about holding onto that interest and trying to communicate as much about your brand as possible within the shortest time frame.

A fundamental philosophy of graphic design is form follows function. There’s little point having a nice looking logo if it doesn’t fit your brand’s message, or a fancy website design that is at odds with your core aesthetic. Part of the creative process in design is understanding your company’s unique challenges and possibilities, and predicting the outcomes. It is essential to understand context and the intended use of the final product. Every design choice has a reason behind it, it’s not as simple as picking your favourite colour and typeface.


The Psychology of Colour

Red looks great on a sports car because the colour is associated with energy, power, vigour; red is a statement colour, perfect for grabbing attention. But then so is walking down the street with a red liberty-spiked mohawk, it might not be the sort of attention that suits your brand. Blue is friendly, secure, stable, which is why it is often the go-to colour for the health sector. Green is calming and evokes nature and protection.

A few years ago, McDonald’s rather deftly rebranded their European restaurants from bright red to a sage green - a bid to reflect their burgeoning environmental commitments following pressure from activist and environmental groups.

Together, we will consider your message and what these colours, shapes and lines say about your brand. We will consider these elements, principals, and colour theory and how to best utilise these core concepts in creative ways. If branding is the communication of your company’s vision, graphic design is the language you will use to talk about your brand.

Keen on learning more? Head over to our blog and read more about colour psychology.


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